Who can benefit from a Zero Rate Loan?

Created in 2011, the Zero Rate Loan (PTZ) scheme is intended to facilitate homeownership for low-income households. Each year, it is subject to a decree which specifies its conditions of allocation. Focus on its beneficiaries (exceptions included) and its future, in the event of loan transfer, divorce or rental housing.

Who can benefit from a Zero Rate Loan?

Who can benefit from a Zero Rate Loan?

The PTZ is primarily intended for “first-time buyers”, that is, households that have never been owners, but there are some exceptions to this imperative condition.

The respect of a period of 2 years, during which the new purchaser was not the owner of his main residence, allows him to claim (again) a PTZ.

The owner of a piece of land can also claim this aid, insofar as the value of this piece of land is then considered to be a personal contribution. Note that it must have been purchased in the 2 years preceding the loan offer.

Within the framework of a couple purchase, each borrower must be able to justify his status of non-owner of his main accommodation, during the last two years preceding the request. More generally, the matrimonial property regime does not affect the granting of the PTZ, but it is necessary that all the protagonists meet the requirements set by the decree.

In addition, it is important to underline that only one PTZ will be granted for a joint acquisition carried out by 2 buyers.

Similarly, the subscription to a PTZ is authorized if one of the occupants of the accommodation :

Holds a disability card and is unable to work

Receives the allowance for disabled adults (AAH) or the education allowance for a disabled child (AEEH)

Is the victim of a natural or technological disaster, having made their accommodation permanently uninhabitable. Note that the PTZ request must then be made within 2 years of the publication of the order reporting the incident.

Are automatically excluded from this system, civil real estate companies (SCI) and people with official accommodation

The event of transfer, divorce or rental of the accommodation?


In case of loan transfer

The Zero Rate Loan is not transferable from one banking establishment to another. The new bank must then buy it back and turn it into an interest loan. On the other hand, if the credit is subscribed within the same organization, it is possible to transfer the remaining capital due under the PTZ, if and only if, the new acquisition fulfills the conditions for obtaining this State aid..

In the event of divorce or separation

Insofar as the accommodation remains the main residence of one of the two purchasers, the PTZ remains valid.

In the case of rental accommodation


It is possible to keep the benefits of the PTZ in case of rental accommodation, but there are very restrictive conditions for this. Namely, justify this situation for professional or personal reasons and submit to some requirements (not to exceed a 6-year lease, with an annual rent of less than 5% of the cost of the operation, tenants under means test…). In all cases, the owner must declare this new situation to his bank.

Regarding the PTZ, the legislation evolves each year, subjecting its beneficiaries to new requirements and obligations. It is better to approach a mortgage broker to study your personal situation and choose the best option.

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